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3 thoughts on “Page Comments

  1. Chris Ames says:

    Ello! Pretend you’re reading this comment with an English accent.

  2. Dina Chalom says:

    Do you plan on making this mobile friendly? I like it except for how it looks on mobile devices. The header picture is cut in a small pice and the search magnifying glass is cut in half.

    1. LebCit says:

      Hello Dina,

      The Clean Blog WordPress Theme is already mobile friendly.
      Can you send me a screenshot ? Are you using iOS or Android ? What browser are you using ?
      This theme has been heavily tested, especially for mobile, so the described behavior is bizarre !
      Hope you can provide me with details so I can inspect and help.
      Thanks a lot for your feedback.

      SYA, LebCit.

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