Welcome to The Clean Blog WP Theme demo !
This WordPress Theme wouldn’t have seen the light without :
– the Clean Blog template by David Miller on Start Bootstrap
– the Components starter-theme generator by Automattic
– the Secondary Sliding Navigation by Claudia Romano on CodyHouse
– and of course our beloved CMS WordPress
Every magical spell code used inside this theme is fully credited by a BIG THANKS to it’s author and a link to the source inside the theme files.


I was working on a blog theme and surfing  on an inspiration quest wave to find a “clean blog” template without any sidebar , and Abracadabra !
I’ve dropped the work on the previous template and directly begin by turning this awesome and clean Bootstrap responsive template in a WordPress theme after three weeks of love !

I’ve kept almost the same look and feel of the original template and added a lot of WP magic in it, respecting the Theme Spells Handbook guidelines.
If you visit the Clean Blog template demo, you’ll directly notice the background image header difference. This WP theme uses the defined featured image of a post or page and turn it into a responsive full screen custom parallax header background image !
I’ve opted for this approach to simplify the user’s task with an out of the box WP functionality and to keep the header background image full screen on any device size 😉
Inspired by the Twenty Seventeen theme header, I’ve also added an arrow to trigger a smooth scroll to the #content, using the amazing jQuery.scrollTo plugin by Ariel Flesler jQuery .animate() method.
Of course, the subheading title is added in the backend, just under the title 😉
The subtitle backend feature was removed because it adds content which is lost on theme switch.
Take a look at the awesome fixed/revealed footer made by using the fantastic footer-reveal.js jQuery plugin, just scroll to the bottom!
You can also visit the Tiled Gallery to see the responsive light box effect added with the simple yet straightforward and powerful imageLightbox.js plugin by Osvaldas Valutis.
I’m not going to make a speech of everything (cool responsive fixed/revealed menu + search hidden bar…) in Clean Blog, try it yourself 🙂

AJAX Contact Form


Now (February 15, 2017), the theme have a built in contact form !
As I was saying earlier, it took me 3 weeks to transform the template in a WordPress theme.
Sit tight well, it took me a week and a half to replicate and deeply improve the original contact form !
Why ? Well, between my work, my family and friends, my university and all common human needs… I didn’t had all the time only for the contact form.
Also, I wanted to make a working, secure and WordPress compatible contact form.
So, after a lot of researches on Validating, Sanitizing, and Escaping data, I’ve finished the PHP part.
The original form has a JS validation, so I’ve also included JS validation with the great jQuery Validation Plugin.
Now, The Clean Blog WP Theme is shipped with a custom contact form validated on the client side by HTML along with JS and validated on the server side by php with sanitized and escaped data as required by WordPress.
You can see a working demo of the contact form and even send me a message if you like !
To use the contact form, go create a page and choose the choose the Contact Form template from the Page Attributes.
That’s all folks ! Hope that you’re gone to like it !
Update (February 20, 2017) : the contact form is now ajaxified ! 😉


Want to try The Clean Blog WordPress theme ?
Head over the GitHub repository and download it, or click on this link !
The Clean Blog WordPress Theme is now live in the themes repository !

How To ?

Really basic :
– install the theme
– create a  little menu and assign it to top location (it’s a blog theme !)
– got to Appearance > Customize and add your Social Media profiles
– play with the customizer’s defaults…

Feedback ?

Head over the support page to tell me if you’re having some issues or if you wich to see some features added to the theme 😉
You can also leave a review on the reviews page to give me a push 😉
Thanks in advance for your feedback !

Promise !

I’ll be adding A LOT of cool functionalities to this theme.
But if you decide to use it, you’ll have to wait a while before getting those goodies, I’m a student and have exams 🙁



11 thoughts on “The Clean Blog

  1. Dear Clean Blog creator,
    Thanks for your exceptionally classy and beautifully clean theme. I have one problem, so kindly provide a solution. I don’t know coding etc. After I accidentally changed my theme and got back to Clean Blog theme I get this error : Kirki::add_field was called incorrectly. Do not use “alpha” as an argument in color controls. Use “choices[alpha]” instead. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. How do I solve this kindly provide me help. I

    1. Hello Zia Haq,

      Glad to know that you like The Clean Blog 🙂
      This error is due to the update of Kirki (plugin) since yesterday.
      I’ve just pushed an update for the theme (a big one) 😉
      Please update the theme to the last version 17.09.25
      This will solve this issue and give you much more control over the theme 🙂
      If you have any suggestion, please don’t hesitate.
      SYA 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I am looking to remove the default share buttons that come with the theme and implement my own. Is there any way I can do this with additional CSS code?

    1. Hello Tom,

      Sorry for the delayed response, too much work… 🙁
      You can remove the default share buttons, but it will take much more than adding some CSS code…
      If it’s really important, please consider hiring a developer for that task.
      If you intend to do it on your own, please consider to create a child theme before making any change to the theme, and apply all your changes at the child theme level.
      Please, don’t hesitate if you have any other question/suggestion.

      SYA 🙂

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